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We are just two run of the mill Casting Directors looking to have a little fun while tearing down the curtain on casting, the process and how the sausage gets made.

So many misconceptions have come from outside sources that we are here to clear the air and make sure everyone gets a full picture of all that goes into casting your favorite TV shows and films… all the while we’ll be drinking some amazing cocktails and spilling tea on some of the most outrageous stories we’ve come across in our careers!

Maybe we’ll even bring a few exciting guests along the way.


Jenn Presser

Jenn has been in casting for over 15 years. Her career spans local casting in the Southeast/US along with over 10 years of casting in Los Angeles. She started her own casting company, Break Away Casting, in 2019. She has worked on many award winning films and series and has most recently moved to London, UK to open a branch across the pond.

Her favorite cocktail is: Bourbon Old Fashion


Jessica Sherman

Jessica is an award-winning seasoned Casting Director. She has been involved with casting some of film and television's biggest projects. After hanging her own shingle in 2017, Jessica has cast several smaller budget films like Sundance darling "Sleight" and Tribeca hit "Thumper", as well as the Amazon limited series "Tell Me Your Secrets", the highly anticipated Disney+ series "Willow".


In 2020, her work as casting director on the Oscar winning short film “Skin” garnered her an Artios Award. She is also the most recent recipient of the Casting Society's Rosalie Joseph Humanitarian Award.

Her favorite cocktail is: Vodka Dirty Martini


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